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MATT Stix Install - insight from a client!

Written by Michele, MATT Stix User

I was excited and a little nervous to embark on my first DIY project using MATT Concrete’s new MATT Stix. With the help of my sister, Kathy, and one of my besties, Mike, we created a feature wall in my home that I truly love.

None of us had ever worked with this particular product, so we carefully read through the instructions on the MATT Concrete website. We set up a cutting area in my dining room using a thick piece of plywood we set on top of my table to protect it. Using just a utility knife, T-Square, level and sandpaper we were able to install a showroom worthy wall in my home.

Some of the things we learned along the way were, first of all, no home is perfectly level - not even a brand new build like mine. Another thing that I think is beneficial to know for anyone who wants to install MATT Stix in their home is that it is important to take your time -whatever you do, do not rush it! Thoughtfully consider which layout you want and after you cut your piece or decide where you want it to go, put it up on the wall in the spot with the plastic still on the tape. Every time. This is vital to a successful installation because once you peel the plastic off the tape and put it on the wall, there is no going back. It will not come off -that stuff really sticks!

We were able to complete this project in about 6-7hours. As a tip, I would say to tackle the most difficult parts of the installation early in the day when you are fresh and full of energy. That means doing the top of your wall first. Start by measuring from the ceiling down and drawing a level line near the center of your wall. I would recommend moving up toward the ceiling first as opposed to moving down toward the baseboard as the top row is the most finicky part of the job. Likely your ceiling is not level and as such making those horizontal cuts along the top boards is tricky. Measure from the ceiling down to the second to last row in multiple places as your top row pieces may all be different widths.

Completing the final row at the bottom of the wall is similar, but a little easier because there will be no ladders involved.

When we were finished and my furniture was moved back in place I was surprised at how much warmth the grey brought to the room and how perfectly it framed and complimented my maple sideboard. I’m beyond thrilled with the end result!

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