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Explore a new era of architectural concrete aesthetics with our revolutionary panels. Achieve the luxurious look of concrete without the weight for walls, fireplace surrounds, and ceilings. Our environmentally conscious choice incorporates sustainably sourced wood for a plywood core, redefining the possibilities of concrete design in spaces previously inaccessible. Elevate your architectural vision with sophistication.


MATT™ Base Panels

Discover the flexibility of MATT™ Panels, custom-made for your project. MATT™ Concrete Panels offer unmatched design freedom, suitable for various applications, including non-combustible options for fireplace surrounds.


MATT™ Wall Panels

Meet MATT™ Wall Panels—blending innovative concrete aesthetics with a strong plywood core. Ideal for residential and retail spaces, these lightweight panels offer exceptional strength (face screws support up to 430 lbs) and easy installation, elevating your project sustainably.


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