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MATT™ is good-looking, strong and eco-friendly.

MATT Concrete overlays are made by artisans with a passion for concrete and craftsmanship.

MATT Concrete is looking to disrupt the concrete industry by producing low carbon concrete. MATT Concrete was born from a passion for Old World craftsmanship and rooted in an appreciation for hand tooled decorative techniques, surfaces that beg to be touched, and finishes that get better with age. MATT is about beauty, yes, but it’s also about building things that last, with honest labour and respect for the world around us.


MATT is eco-friendly and is a Low Carbon Concrete Panel

As craftspeople, we have always loved the raw beauty and versatility of concrete, but we were troubled by the environmental impact of traditional concrete production and installation methods. That’s why we spend a decade creating and innovating - searching for an alternative that would deliver the look and feel of concrete, while using as little of the material as possible.

Our concrete overlays use a thin layer of special concrete mix to achieve their looks and durability. We’re able to use up to 95% less concrete in a project, compared to conventional concrete pour covering the same area.

Why does it matter? As a key ingredient in things like concrete, roads, glass and electronics, sand is one of the most extracted materials in the world and supplies are being depleted in many regions.

MATT’s strength and durability are time-tested

It took the team in our Vancouver based studio a decade of research and testing to get concrete’s strong, durable surface into a lightweight concrete cladding product that still looked and felt like highend, architectural concrete. MATT Concrete Panels were the first product to come out of that process, and architects, designers and builders have been using them in residential and commercial applications since 2017.

MATT is handcrafted with love and care

Today, all of our MATT Concrete products are produced by hand in our Delta-based studio and shipped across Canada and into the United States. It’s a labour intensive process, but it’s a labour of love. After nearly three decades of working in the decorative arts, we know that handcrafting is the only way to create an authentic artisans concrete finish with the unique look you project deserves.


Meet the team behind MATT

Randy Orr

Owner / Decorative Artist

Over the course of his decades long career as a decorative artist, Randy has completed projects in more than 1,000 homes and commercial spaces in Metro Vancouver, the BC Interior, Vancouver Island and Whistler.

He works with homeowners, designers, builders, and architects, to bring a wide range of decorative convents to life-stunning one of a kind projects that are pieces of art in themselves. Randy is a certified master craftsman in the application of concrete, resins and plastering techniques, and his passion for the creative process and innovative solutions, drives him to push the boundaries of traditional uses of concrete.

Colleen Orr

Owner / Dollars and Sense

Colleen brings her global sales and management experience along with a healthy does of common sense to the business side of Matt Concrete. She’s the company powerhouse behind the creative talent, making sure our operations run smoothly.


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