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It's a concrete panel

with a plywood core!

We are excited to launch a new panel, MATT Wall

This new product features all of our current MATT Concrete finishes, but on 1/2” architectural plywood. This creates an incredibly sturdy panel (face screw holding up to 430 lbs) that is perfect for any residential or retail space with shelving and millwork. In addition to being our strongest panel, MATT Wall is lightweight and easy to cut and install, which allows your project to stay on time and on budget.

We offer MATT Wall in a standard 3' x 8' and a 3' x 10' longboard; both sizes are 1/2" in thickness.

In keeping with MATT tradition, these new panels allow for a low carbon footprint, using minimal concrete (1/16' to 1/8' thick) applied to a renewable resource as the base.


Lean and green - MATT Wall makes use of sturdy 1/2" architectural plywood.


As with all of our MATT Concrete panels this product makes a striking feature in any space and also acts as a natural grounding element for all of your design components.

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Learn more about MATT Wall

Find out more in regards to what MATT Wall can do for your setting

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