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It's a concrete panel

with a plywood core!

MATT Wall - a definitive solution tailored for projects of substantial magnitude.

MATT Wall features all of our current MATT Concrete finishes, but on 1/2” architectural plywood. This creates an incredibly sturdy panel (face screw holding up to 430 lbs) that is perfect for any large residential, commercial or retail space with shelving and millwork. In addition to being our strongest panel, MATT Wall is lightweight and easy to cut and install, which keeps your projects budget and timeline friendly.

MATT Wall is available in a standard 3' x 8' and a 3' x 10'; both sizes are 1/2" in thickness.

Adhering to the MATT tradition, these innovative panels uphold a commitment to a minimal carbon footprint, featuring a slender layer of concrete (ranging from 1/16' to 1/8' in thickness) applied to a renewable resource as the foundational base. You can feel good about not just the way it looks but also the difference it makes for our planet.


Lean and green - MATT Wall makes use of sturdy 1/2" architectural plywood.

MATT Concrete Finishes

Finishes & Colours

MATT™ Wall Panels are available in five finishes; from smooth and polished, to an industrial looking finish with cone tie imprints, to a textured finish resembling rustic wooden boards. Each finish comes in three colours: Grey, Black or White. The soft hues of our natural Grey boards give you the look of traditional concrete and a neutral colour scheme, while Black or White adds drama wherever it’s used.


Panel Size & Specs

Our MATT Wall panel sizes are 3 ft. x 10 ft. and 3 ft x 8 ft are ½ inch thick. 

Panels are non-combustible and can be used for fireplace surrounds.  For high heat producing inserts, we utilize a High Heat Panel directly around the fireplace insert.

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To order MATT™ Concrete Panels, please contact us with your project requirements.

As with all of our MATT Concrete panels this product makes a striking feature in any space and also acts as a natural grounding element for all of your design components.

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