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What is Matt™ Concrete?

Matt™ is a handcrafted modular concrete panel.  Matt™ is strong, dependable and versatile.  Made to your specific order and installed by our certified installers.  Matt™ Concrete Panels are remarkably thin and replicate a diverse range of concrete architectural styles.  Matt™ Concrete Panels are ultra-light, durable, non-combustible, and waterproof.

How do I order Matt™ Concrete Panels?

Call us to place your order for Matt™ Concrete Panels.  When we have an understanding of your design requirements, as well as the concrete finish you are looking for we can provide you an estimate for the number of the panels you will need. If you have drawings or renderings send them our way to discuss.  

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I have a specific concrete finish I like, can you create it?

Yes, our artisans can replicate a diverse range of architectural concrete styles.  If you have a picture of a concrete finish you like send it to us to discuss the possibilities.

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Who can install Matt™?

Matt™ can be installed by a certified installer.  If you are interested in becoming a certified installed contact us. We will provide on site training to you and your team.

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