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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about MATT™ Concrete.


What is MATT™ Concrete?

MATT™ is a handcrafted modular concrete overlay panel.  MATT™ is strong, dependable and versatile.  Made to your specific order and installed by an industry professional.  MATT™ Concrete Panels are remarkably thin and replicate a diverse range of concrete architectural styles.  MATT™ Concrete Panels are ultra-light, durable, non-combustible, and water-resistant.


How do I order MATT™ Concrete Panels?

Call us to place your order for MATT™ Concrete Panels.  When we have an understanding of your design requirements, as well as the concrete finish you are looking for we can provide you an estimate for the number of the panels you will need. If you have drawings or renderings send them our way to discuss.  To calculate the number of panels required, at 15% to the total square feet for the project. This will provide you sufficient coverage.

How can I order MATT™ Concrete samples?

We would love to send you some samples! There is no charge for the samples, we do ask you cover the shipping which is $20 dollars. Please send us a note and will get samples sent your way.

What finishes do MATT™ Concrete Panels come in?

We have created 5 standard finishes which come in three colours: Grey, Black and White. If there is another concrete finish you are looking for please give us a call to discuss.

A design specification may be downloaded here.

Colours and Finishes.png

Who can install MATT Concrete Panels?

MATT™ Concrete Panels can be installed by an industry profession.  If you are interested in becoming an installer contact us. We will provide training to you and your team.

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about MATT™ Stix.

How do I finish the exposed edge of the MATT Stix at the end of the wall?

 There are a few ways you can finish the edge of MATT Stix.  Any edge pieces can be spray painted along the exposed edge.  Otherwise, you can use a tile edge profile to finish the MATT Stix with a clean look.  

I have installed MATT Stix but have a few gaps horizontally, what can I do?

You can fill in horizontal gaps with caulking (such as DAP CONCRETE & MORTAR FILLER & SEALANT).  To do this, tape off the lines you want to fill with painters tape.  Run a bead of caulking along the seam.  Wipe clean with your finger and remove the tape.

How do I drill holes through the MATT Stix for cables, power cords or to mount a TV?

You can drill through the MATT Stix just like you would a piece of wood.    Use a new (sharp) drill bit.  The concrete will not crack when drilled through.

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