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Ultra-light in Weight,
Heavy on Style

MATT™ brings an innovative new dimension to architectural design - lightweight concrete overlay panels, handcrafted by artisans in our Vancouver-based studio. MATT Concrete Panels give you unparalleled design freedom with the ability to apply high-end architectural concrete styles to almost any surface.

Design professionals can use MATT™ Concrete Panels to create custom concrete looks and feels in places where concrete typically can’t be used due to its weight - for example vertical concrete for feature walls and floor-to-ceiling fireplace surrounds.


MATT Is the perfect design partner: strong,

good-looking and non-combustible

MATT can go anywhere!

Use your imagination - below are just a few of the places you can use MATT panels.

fireplace & hearth

feature walls


commercial applications


office & reception




Panel Size & Specs

Our standard panel size is 3 ft. x 5 ft. and is ¼ inch or ½ inch thick. 

Panels are non-combustible and can be used for fireplace surrounds.  For high heat producing inserts, we utilize a High Heat Panel directly around the fireplace insert.

MATT Concrete Product Icons
MATT Concrete Finishes

Finishes & Colours

MATT™ Panels are available in five finishes; from smooth and polished, to an industrial looking finish with cone tie imprints, to a textured finish resembling rustic wooden boards. Each finish comes in three colours: Grey, Black or White. The soft hues of our natural Grey boards give you the look of traditional concrete and a neutral colour scheme, while Black or White adds drama wherever it’s used.


Request a Sample

Our studio is now open to the public by appointment. We would be happy to send you a sample of the MATT™. Concrete Panel finish and colour you are interested in.

Shipping fees apply.

MATT™ gives you an eco-friendly edge

MATT™ is the ideal choice for architects, builders and designers looking to differentiate their projects for eco-conscious clients. Our lightweight concrete wall panels deliver the look and field of concrete, without the environmental impact - we use 95% less concrete in our panels than solid concrete panels, or a conventional concrete pour covering the same area.

MATT™ can refer you to an installer, or train your team

MATT™ Panels are installed by trained building professionals. Please contact us and we’ll refer you to an installer in your area. If you are working with a team that would like to be trained in how to cut, install, and finish MATT™ Concrete Panels, we offer two options:

Virtual training: Contact us to arrange a live, online training session.

On-site training: a MATT™ team member will provide one-day, on site training for up to 6 attendees.

Contact us to learn more about installation >

Is MATT™ a fit for your project? Contact us for a quote today!

MATT™ Panels are made-to-order in the quantities you require, and available across Canada and in the United States. Please contact our Vancouver based studio, to discuss your project requirements. If you have drawings or renderings, you can send them to us, as well.

Once we have an understanding of your design requirements, as well as the concrete finish you are looking for, we can provide you with an estimate and confirm the number of panels you will need.

View our gallery & see what’s possible


Want to discuss a project or get a quote?

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