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Get the high-end concrete look you want with DIY ease.

MATT stix are for DIYers, designers and anyone looking for a quick and easy way to achieve a high-end concrete look.

Our peel-and-stick boards are lighter and easier to handle than our panels, but are still strong and durable with a handcrafted finish that will give your project a unique, artisan look. Perfect for your home or business – you can cut and install them yourself.

MATT stix brings the look and feel of handcrafted, architectural concrete, with the ease and convenience of lightweight, peel-and-stick boards.

Concrete's raw beauty makes it a versatile decorating choice

– it can be used to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic, an

industrial vibe, or a rustic, textured look.

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MATT Stix Concrete Țile Straight Up Grey Wall.jpg

The raw, industrial beauty of

decorative concrete made easy.

MATT Stix can go anywhere!

Use your imagination - below are just a few of the places you can use MATT stix





bring a touch

of warmth

a grounding element

MATT Stix Box.jpg

Use MATT Stix anywhere you'd like a custom concrete look:

walls, doors, dividers, ceilings or furniture MATT's versatility and simple installation makes it easy to achieve your design vision. 

MATT Stix are versatile

Creating with MATT Stix is easy!

To create a custom concrete surface with MATT Stix, all you need are some basic woodcutting and measuring tools, a level, and a bit of creativity. The 6.75" wide x 60" long boards are lightweight and easy to handle.

MATT Stix's durable concrete surface concrete can be screwed into without cracking, making it great for hanging shelving, art or other fixtures in vertical applications. MATT Stix can be sealed for high traffic areas, or anywhere water or staining might be an issue.

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