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Sustainable Concrete Alternatives for Residential & Commercial Spaces


Get the look and feel of architectural concrete, without the weight

The revolutionary MATT concrete panels empower you to attain an unparalleled, sophisticated concrete aesthetic for your walls, fireplace surrounds, and ceilings. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, MATT stands out as an environmentally conscious product, incorporating sustainably sourced wood for its backing. It’s a concrete panel with a plywood core!

With MATT, the realm of concrete design extends to previously inaccessible spaces, allowing you to elevate your architectural vision to unprecedented heights.


With an accelerated installation process, MATT not only expedites the achievement of your envisioned results but also significantly reduces costs, both in terms of product and labor. This not only ensures swifter project completion but also enhances overall cost-effectiveness, embodying a seamless convergence of efficiency, economy, and architectural excellence.

In the pursuit of realizing the concrete dream amid the constraints of budget, structural considerations, and time constraints, MATT products emerge as a triumphant solution, surpassing expectations at every juncture.

Discover further information about the products and explore creative ways to incorporate them into your upcoming project!

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Carbon Capture

Introducing a new, low-carbon concrete solution

Lightweight | 95% Concrete Free | Versatile


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