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We know we humans are excellent at producing CO2.

But not excellent at knowing what to do with it.

MATT Concrete is taking action and learning to work with CO2 in our concrete and panels so we can be creative with product that cause so much consternation.

Our patented process for ultra low carbon concrete overlay just got a whole lot leaner and greener. We have added strength to our overlays by using sequestered CO2.


Our Value Proposition

MATT Concrete is a low carbon building material for interior use.  You may ask how does it have a low carbon footprint?  Here is how we do it.  


MATT panels use less than 5% concrete unlike solid panels through a process called concrete displacement.   MATT uses 1/2” plywood for the base of the panel. Wood is a great low carbon material because it stores carbon pulled from the environment.  


The plywood is finished in our patented concrete overlay process giving you the look and feel of concrete once installed. The concrete overlay is 1mm to 2mm in thickness.


The panels are lightweight and easy to install which means quicker installations and less man-power required on project sites.


That’s a win for the architect spec, designer look, client, installers and most importantly - Mother Earth.

Change the game.

Concrete walls that take CO2 out of the environment, rather than produce it!

CO2 is highly produced in the concrete industry, despite this, our artisan process uses far less than mass production methods. All of our concrete panels are 95% concrete free or more! 


Have a question?

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